FACT CHECK: Did Obama really spend $90 billion on ...


Live blog: First debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney

  • FACT CHECK: Did Obama really spend $90 billion on green energy? Sort of. Here’s how that money breaks down, according to the White House:

    $29 billion for energy efficiency, including $5 billion for improvements in the homes and apartments of low-income households
    $21 billion for renewable electricity generation, including wind turbines and solar panels
    $10 billion for grid modernization, including millions of “smart meters” that read themselves, eliminating the need for meter readers
    $6 billion to help establish factories to make batteries for electric cars and other components of advanced vehicles
    $18 billion for fast trains
    $3 billion for research and development into capturing and sequestering carbon dioxide
    $3 billion for job training and scientific advances in green energy
    About $2 billion to help build wind turbines, solar panels and similar “green” products
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