Go Sox! #Woof

Go Sox! #Woof Live

Fear the Beard.  Let's go Red Sox!!!  
Photo of Bailey shared by Jen Shin of Boston. 
by Adrienne Lavidor-Berman

Howie (left), Nomar (the cat), and Wally (right) showing support for their hometown team all the way from California! Lifelong Red Sox fans never change their allegiance. GO SOX!  
Photo shared by Karen Cooper of Concord, Calif.
by Adrienne Lavidor-Berman

Racer and Maddux in their grandstand seats, ready for the Playoffs!
Photo shard by Doug Koza of Berlin, Mass. 
by Adrienne Lavidor-Berman

Henry the guinea pig knows how to support the Sox.  
Photo shared by Michael and Jennifer Klepfer
by Adrienne Lavidor-Berman

#fearthebeard Shared by Derek Green 
by Adrienne Lavidor-Berman

Buddy dressed as Justin Pup-droia at the annual dog Halloween parade for charity on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Second time he has won more than his weight in food. No Cardinals fans as judges, phew.   
Photo shared by Adrienne and Tom from Washington, D.C. 
by Adrienne Lavidor-Berman

Gus, the English Bulldog is a die-hard Red Sox fan!
Photo shared by Tara Leary of Lynn 
by Adrienne Lavidor-Berman

Golden Retrievers Tek & Tessie.
Photo by Christine Valls of Coventry, Conn.
by Adrienne Lavidor-Berman

Red Sox superfans Winnie and Oakley are pumped up for game 1 of the World Series! 
Photo shared by Andy Craven of Madison, Wisc.       

by Adrienne Lavidor-Berman

Cassidy is getting ready for her first World Series! 
Photo shared by Jackie Enos of Boston
by Adrienne Lavidor-Berman


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