"Southie Rules" (Feb. 5, 2013)

A live blog dedicated to the most recent episode of A&E's "Southie Rules"

Share your thoughts on the new Boston-based show, "Southie Rules". We invite you to share your opinion by tweeting using the hashtag #BDCSouthieRules to be included in the discussion.

Note: This live blog remains unmoderated until the show begins.

  • Ron Agrella, Editor 2/6/2013 2:51:59 AM
    9 minute countdown to Southie Rules. Share your thoughts on the show at: s.scrbliv.me #Southierules
  • 9 minute countdown to Southie Rules. Share your thoughts on the show at: http://g.scrbliv.me/s0pMAzG #Southierules
  • #Southierules!!! 8 minutes to go! Come chat with me in Southie Rules chat!! @ConnecTV
  • jkheb 2/6/2013 2:53:18 AM
    @billy_baker Don't give away future story lines ... that's not cool.
  • :) RT @BarbinLA: Lets get Southie Rules trending again on twitter!! #southierules in everything you do!!! :)
  • 5 more minutes til new episodes of #SouthieRules! Tune in at 10/9c!
  • doseybollocks 2/6/2013 2:59:04 AM
    complete disgrace
  • Don't bother me I'm watchin #SouthieRules
  • Time to give #SouthieRules a whirl
  • heather.foley 2/6/2013 3:00:13 AM
    I'm having serious sideways avatar issues.
  • "Like gone with the wind" #SouthieRules
  • #southierules is on now A&E tune in!!!
  • heather.foley 2/6/2013 3:01:17 AM
    that hand was a little low, no? #SouthieRules
  • Ron Agrella, Editor 2/6/2013 3:01:44 AM
    You can share your opinion by using the "Make A Comment" box on this live blog. s.scrbliv.me #SouthieRules
  • heather.foley 2/6/2013 3:02:02 AM
    someone help nana, why is my avatar sideways?
  • Billy Baker, Boston Globe 2/6/2013 3:02:11 AM
    They make a reality show in Southie, yet they pick a Polish family named Niedzwiecki, so that I have to learn how to spell Niedzwiecki.
  • cant get enough of this crazy show #SouthieRules
  • heather.foley 2/6/2013 3:03:02 AM
    Exercising in a living room full of people is never necessary. #SouthieRules
  • Ron Agrella, Editor 2/6/2013 3:03:40 AM
    All is not well in paradise, I mean Southie #southierules
  • Billy Baker, Boston Globe 2/6/2013 3:03:48 AM
    Hardguy move of the century, Jon. Stop acting like Marky Mark's cousin. #southierules
  • Jon is so hottttt 😍 #SouthieRules
  • heather.foley 2/6/2013 3:04:17 AM
    Is Broadway practicing his Magic Mike moves? #SouthieRules #RideItMyPony
  • 4 minutes into #SouthieRules and I'm already dying laughing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
  • Billy Baker, Boston Globe 2/6/2013 3:04:48 AM
    Note that I brought up Mark Wahlberg seconds before they brought up Mark Wahlberg. I want that recorded, future historians. #southierules
  • heather.foley 2/6/2013 3:05:13 AM
    Am I a nerd if I say I like the exposed brick? #southierules
  • "Are you kiddin me?! That guy has crushed more ass than a broken toilet seat." #southierules
  • Billy Baker, Boston Globe 2/6/2013 3:05:49 AM
    You can all follow along and interact with me on Twitter. twitter.com/billy_baker
  • heather.foley 2/6/2013 3:06:08 AM
    hold up, can I drop my kid off at the neighborhood babysitting night? I'm a neighbor. #southierules
  • Not Interested 2/6/2013 3:06:30 AM
    Saw 3 minutes and I'm all set. It's worse than I thought it would be and my expectations were beyond low.
  • heather.foley 2/6/2013 3:07:19 AM
    Are there continuity errors with Matt's facial hair or is it me? #southierules
  • Ron Agrella, Editor 2/6/2013 3:07:37 AM
    Nothing says love like meatballs - wait, that was last episode
  • heather.foley 2/6/2013 3:08:26 AM
    "I shoved my banana down his throat", there's a joke here somewhere.....#southierules
  • Billy Baker, Boston Globe 2/6/2013 3:08:30 AM
    It could have been more fun to find out who ends up the babysitter if they hadn't titled the episode "Devin's Adventures in Babysitting."
  • My night for monthly neighborhood babysitting is the third Wednesday of the month! #SouthieRules
  • I love how Jon was just like calmly ' I shoved it down his throat ' lmao #southierules
  • Ron Agrella, Editor 2/6/2013 3:09:09 AM
  • SouthBostonYuppie 2/6/2013 3:09:25 AM
    Is his hat really on sideways?
  • heather.foley 2/6/2013 3:09:37 AM
    Please god tell me we get a look at Devin's mystery date. #southierules
  • This may actually be the worst show on television. Been a waste of 9 minutes of life. #southierules
  • Billy Baker, Boston Globe 2/6/2013 3:10:50 AM
    They need to quit the subtitles for Devin. It's old now & impossible to pay attention to him. He has an accent. We get it. #southierules
  • heather.foley 2/6/2013 3:11:12 AM
    My sideways avatar on boston.com is going to drive me bananas (see what I did there) for the next hour. #southierules
  • heather.foley 2/6/2013 3:12:00 AM
    I thinks it more that he has cotton balls in his mouth than an accent @billy_baker
  • slc 2/6/2013 3:12:28 AM
    Sister who?
  • SouthBostonYuppie 2/6/2013 3:12:32 AM
    Show needs more yuppies
  • Ron Agrella, Editor 2/6/2013 3:13:09 AM
    Thanks for explaining Heather - I wasn't sure what that avatar was... lol
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