ANALYSIS: The lengthy discussion between the candi...


Live blog: First debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney

  • ANALYSIS: The lengthy discussion between the candidates about tax rates is going pretty deep into the weeds. There is no doubt that the questions about tax rates, and the various studies that support or doubt the theories behind the proposals, are important. But the danger for the candidates is that some voters may wonder if they are running for president or accountant-in-chief.

    Putting aside for the moment the question of whether Romney is accurately portraying the impact of his plan, it seems clear that Romney is anxious to keep the conversation going. He is, as his aides often say, all about the data and what the data mean. The debate about the tax plans is only beginning. The statements of both candidates about their tax plans will be analyzed and spun from now until Election Day.
    by Michael Kranish, Globe Staff edited by Teresa Hanafin 10/4/2012 1:28:49 AM
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