From Globe's Kay Lazar:Boston Children’s Hospital ...


Live blog: Bombings at the Boston Marathon

  • From Globe's Kay Lazar:

    Boston Children’s Hospital received eight patients injured at the explosion at the Boston Marathon. Patients’ conditions ranged from good to serious. There were no patient deaths among the patients brought to Boston Children’s from the scene.

    Our patients included:

    • A 9-year-old girl with leg trauma who is in the operating room.
    • A 42-year-old parent of a patient is being treated in the ED.
    • A 7-year-old boy is being treated in the ED for a minor leg injury.
    • A 12 year old with a femur fracture has been admitted.
    • A 2 year-old-boy with a head injury has been admitted to the Medical/Surgical ICU.
    • Three additional patients in good condition were treated in the ED
    According to Boston EMS, we will not be receiving any more patients from the Boston Marathon scene
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