Live Updates: Patriots at Dolphins

Live Updates: Patriots at Dolphins

The Patriots kick off the 2014 season against the Miami Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium. Follow along here for live updates of the game, including commentary and analysis from's Zuri Berry.



2:44 4th quarter: Dolphins 33, Patriots 20 — Miami's Caleb Sturgis kicked a 27-yard field goal, his third of the game as the Dolphins continued to pull away. 

3:29 4th quarter: Dolphins 30, Patriots 20 — Knowshon Moreno pounded in a 4-yard touchdown run as the Dolphins took a commanding lead. 


2:38 3rd quarter: Dolphins 23, Patriots 20 — Miami's Caleb Sturgis kicked a 22-yard field goal as the Dolphins re-took the lead. 

6:55 3rd quarter: Patriots 20, Dolphins 20 — Mike Wallace caught a 14-yard touchdown pass in front of Darrelle Revis as the Dolphins tied the game. 

10:46 3rd quarter: Patriots 20, Dolphins 13 — Miami's Caleb Sturgis nailed a 24-yard field goal after the Dolphins drove 66 yards on eight plays. 


0:06 2nd quarter: Patriots 20, Dolphins 10 — Stephen Gostkowski kicked a 45-yard field goal as the Patriots closed out the second quarter. 

1:59 2nd quarter: Patriots 17, Dolphins 10 — Darrelle Revis broke up a possible touchdown throw to Mike Wallace and was the beneficiary of bad Ryan Tannehill throw on another attempt in the end zone as the Patriots held the Dolphins to a second quarter field goal by Caleb Sturgis from 38 yards out. It was an 11-play, 55-yard drive by the Dolphins.

8:37 2nd quarter: Patriots 17, Dolphins 7 — Rob Gronkowski is officially back. The Patriots tight end caught a 6-yard touchdown pass from Brady as the Patriots took a 10-point lead over the Dolphins. The scoring play capped an 11-play, 94-yard drive that spanned 4:19.


0:47 1st quarter: Patriots 10, Dolphins 7 — Stephen Gostkowski converted a 47-yard field goal as the Patriots took the lead with less than a minute remaining in the first quarter. 

5:10 1st quarter: Patriots 7, Dolphins 7 — The Patriots came back with a quick, methodical drive, led by Tom Brady. Brady was 6 of 6 passing on the drive for 46 yards. Shane Vereen had a pair of 2-yard runs, including a touchdown plunge to tie up the ball game. The Patriots went 13 plays for 80 yards in 6:36.

11:46 1st quarter: Dolphins 7, Patriots 0— After a blocked punt on the Patriots first offensive drive, the Dolphins drove 15 yards to the Pats end zone. Ryan Tannehill connected with Lamar Miller for a 4-yard touchdown. 

  • Emmitt Smith 9/7/2014 6:02:41 PM
    "Miami is going to need to score some more points to have a chance to win this game."
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  • Zuri Berry 9/7/2014 6:03:22 PM
    Moreno brought down by McCourty after a 15-yard run. He's all fired up. Ran for 200+ yards against Patriots last year in regular season.
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  • Toronto Patsfan 9/7/2014 6:04:21 PM
    Is there a lot of wind there? Big difference in gostos kicks this way
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  • Zuri Berry 9/7/2014 6:04:43 PM
    Winds are at 17 mph.
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  • In this game, Patriots have two helmet-on-ball hits, two fumbles, two recoveries.
  • Darrelle Revis recovers a Miami fumble forced by Logan Ryan. #Defense #Patriots #NEvsMIA
  • Zuri Berry 9/7/2014 6:06:05 PM
    Fumble on the play by Lamar Miller. Darrelle Revis recovers. So far, three turnovers by Miami.
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  • Toronto Patsfan 9/7/2014 6:06:09 PM
    Pats line pay on both sides not that impressive
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  • Toronto Patsfan 9/7/2014 6:06:10 PM
    Dolphins giving it away
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  • FanSinceThe60s 9/7/2014 6:06:11 PM
    Hitting is great. DL line play, not so much.
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  • Toronto Patsfan 9/7/2014 6:06:13 PM
    Thanks, zuri
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  • Zuri Berry 9/7/2014 6:06:40 PM
    Devey is back at RG, Connolly at C.
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  • Zuri Berry 9/7/2014 6:07:46 PM
    Really weird that Belichick and company seem unsure about which combination of offensive linemen they want to use.
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  • Toronto Patsfan 9/7/2014 6:07:49 PM
    Agree, fan!
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  • Freeman 9/7/2014 6:07:50 PM
    terrible play calling following turnover
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  • Toronto Patsfan 9/7/2014 6:07:51 PM
    Did kimbrell go the wrong way?
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  • Zuri Berry 9/7/2014 6:08:24 PM
    Patriots punt team still looks like it needs work up front. Not sure if that's a Danny Aiken issue or something else. Consistency will help.
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  • Zuri Berry 9/7/2014 6:09:34 PM
    Malcolm Butler entering the game for the first time. Replaces Alfonzo Dennard.
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  • Zuri Berry 9/7/2014 6:10:33 PM
    OK, here's another wrinkle: In nickel packages, Chung lines up at the slot CB with Kyle Arrington and now Logan Ryan back deep at safety.
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  • Hightower getting plenty of chances to rush the passer in this game and he's getting some pressure. Roughing the passer that time, though.
  • Zuri Berry 9/7/2014 6:13:53 PM
    Mike Wallace, who beat Revis on that throw, was out of bounds on the throw. Pretty clear.
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  • FanSinceThe60s 9/7/2014 6:13:56 PM
    Butler laying off Hartline - looked like pass D from the last few years
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  • Oh man, that was close. Revis got toasted on the double move by Mike Wallace, but the latter couldn't keep his feet in the end zone.
  • Zuri Berry 9/7/2014 6:14:52 PM
    OK, another interesting wrinkle: Ninkovich was working as the LOLB in 3-4 in nickel/dime situation. Had been first player off the field.
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  • Freeman 9/7/2014 6:14:57 PM
    defense despite the 3 forced turnovers still looks weak
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  • Toronto Patsfan 9/7/2014 6:14:58 PM
    Mediocre qb getting a lot of yards--and revis beaten twice so far
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  • Zuri Berry 9/7/2014 6:15:19 PM
    Easley gets flagged for neutral zone infraction. Pulled off immediately.
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  • Toronto Patsfan 9/7/2014 6:15:35 PM
    Agree- and now a dipumb penalty too
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  • Zuri Berry 9/7/2014 6:16:29 PM
    Hartline is all upset. But that was a fantastic play by Malcolm Butler to make a play on the ball.
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  • FanSinceThe60s 9/7/2014 6:16:31 PM
    So far, Wallace has been vacationing on Revis Island.
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  • Toronto Patsfan 9/7/2014 6:16:36 PM
    On plus side, vince looks pretty good
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  • Malcolm Butler got away with some contact on that one. So much for the rules emphasis, eh?
  • Zuri Berry 9/7/2014 6:17:27 PM
    Tannehill throw to Wallace in the end zone gets broken up by Revis. It's a battle. And it ain't over yet.
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  • Toronto Patsfan 9/7/2014 6:17:30 PM
    Butler got away w/ one
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  • Zuri Berry 9/7/2014 6:17:49 PM
    Caleb Sturgis with a 38-yard field goal. Patriots 17, Dolphins 10.
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  • Caleb Sturgis connects on the 38 yard field goal!

    Patriots' lead narrows to 17-10. #NEvsMIA

  • Dolphins hit a 38-yard field goal with 2 mins to play in the half. Pats lead it 17-10. #NEvsMIA
  • If Mike Wallace had realized the play was still live, he may have caught that for a TD. Instead, #Dolphins kick FG. #Patriots lead 17-10.
  • On a non-AFC East note: I'm loving my pick of Brandin Cooks for Offensive Rookie of the Year.
  • Freeman 9/7/2014 6:20:40 PM
    we need to get at least a FG before half here, Miami gets ball to start 2nd
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  • Mikestwocents 9/7/2014 6:20:42 PM
    Tannehill is giving our bad defense the chance to look mediocre
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  • Zuri Berry 9/7/2014 6:21:11 PM
    Patrick Chung takes the ball out of the end zone to the 26. 30-yard return. That's a win for him.
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  • FanSinceThe60s 9/7/2014 6:21:58 PM
    Why am I worried when Chung is returning a KO?
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  • Jim Colclough 9/7/2014 6:22:01 PM
    Ridley gets Diddly
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  • John Cronin 9/7/2014 6:22:30 PM
    Pats defense still can't get off the field on third down
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