FORT MYERS DINING TIP: If you like pizza, you must...


2013 Red Sox spring training stream

  • FORT MYERS DINING TIP: If you like pizza, you must go to Grimaldi's in the Bell Tower Plaza, located at Daniels and Rte. 41/S. Cleveland Ave. Pizza aficionado and video producer extraordinaire Alan Miller (left) gave the place "two tomato smeared thumbs up," and that's about all you need to know. From the restaurant: "With over 100 years of coal fired brick-oven pizza-making traditions, we continue to ensure that future generations are able to experience our distinctive and truly authentic pizza. Why coal-fired brick ovens? The tantalizing aroma of pizza and calzones baked to perfection in our signature coal burning oven offers a unique flavor and a crisp crust that is just not possible from gas, convection or wood burning ovens. Our fresh ingredients, handmade mozzarella, 'secret recipe' dough and pizza sauce make us the most award-winning pizzeria in the United States." And ask for Sarah (center) if you decide to head in for a tasty pie.

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